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Article Writing Tips - 'Jealously' Guarded Tips For the Article Marketing High Roller

Author: Fabian Tan

If you are writing an article for a company or business that is to be used to promote or bring interest to specific product, you will want to consider a few article writing tips. The tips provided herein have been proven successful in creating some of the best articles found on the Internet today.

Most people who read articles don't want to read something that reads like an instructional manual. They want to read an article that is informative, yet easy to read. So the first thing you want to consider is your writing style. Your writing style should match the type of product or service that you are writing about.

If you are writing about greeting cards you will most likely want to write in a different style than if you were writing about hospital medical equipment. When it comes to greeting cards you probably want to write in a more conversational and witty manner, whereas if you are writing about medical equipment you most likely want to come off a little more professional.

Another one of the valuable article writing tips is to write your article in a way that it asks a question and then follows up with an answer. Consider the product or service that you are writing about. Then imagine what questions you would ask if you were looking to try out that product or service. You can then turn those questions into excellent articles.

Above all else, read your article out loud after writing it and make sure that it sounds well. Check it for spelling and grammar mistakes. Many people will immediately stop reading an article if it is poorly written.

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Web Copywriting - When Should You Use Features?

Author: Francis Lui

In copywriting, it's commonly known that you should always state the benefits rather than the features. But does that mean you should never state features? No, not at all. Sometimes features can sell better than benefits.

For instance, let's say you're selling a computer. If you're selling to people who are savvy about computers, listing the features is a good way to sell the computer to them. You can tell them that the computer is a Quad-Core 2.4 GHz with 4 GB RAM, has a 500 GB hard drive, and comes with a 24-inch wide screen LCD monitor. That will get them excited.

Because they're savvy about computers, they already know the benefits of the features listed. Stating the benefits would be too obvious to them. It'll waste their time and bore them, maybe even lose their interest. With these prospects, you'll want to get to the point right away and state the features.

Another good time to use features is after you have listed the benefits earlier in your sales copy. The benefits get your prospects emotionally sold on the product or service. But afterwards, they need rationale to justify it. And that's where the features can come in.

When you show the features, you show them what they'll be getting. It gives justification for their purchase and removes buyer's remorse.

So if you're wondering if you should emphasize the features instead of benefits, consider your prospect. If the prospect already knows the benefits of the features, such as technically savvy prospects, state the features instead of the benefits.

To provide justification of your prospect's decision to buy, you can list the features as bullet points later in the copy. Or you can describe the features in paragraph form.

About the Author:

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Web Copywriting - Features and Benefits ... What Are They?

Author: Francis Lui

If you don't know the difference between features and benefits, your copy may not be selling as well as it should. By learning the difference, you'll know how to sell your product or service effectively. It's also important to know which is more important to include in your copy.

I'll show you the difference between the two.

First, features are the specifications or descriptive facts of the product. For instance, let's say you're selling a toothbrush. Its features may be that it has a handle, has bristles, and its color is blue.

Features appeal to the logical mind. If you were to sell your product based on features alone, your copy will bore the prospect. It won't get the prospect emotionally excited about buying it. People tend to buy on emotion. So you want to get them excited about your product.

That's where benefits come in.

Benefits show what's in it for the prospect. They show what advantages the prospect gains from your product or service. They show how your product will solve your prospect's problems.

In our toothbrush example, a benefit may be that the toothbrush has a handle so you can grip it to easily brush your teeth. Another benefit is that the toothbrush is blue, so it's easy to tell which toothbrush is yours and which toothbrush is your spouse's.

But does that mean you should never include features? No, not at all. After your prospect is emotionally sold from the benefits, they need justification for their decision. This is a good time to include the features. The features appeal to the logical mind and helps justify the sale.

Listing the features shows what your prospect will be getting. It will also help eliminate buyer's remorse.

About the Author:

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Francis Lui is a web copywriter with web technical skills.

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Essay Writing Rules: What Are the Basic Rules in Writing a Good Essay?

Author: Cedric Welsch

A lot of students don't have the passion to write an essay for they are thinking of the arduous essay writing rules. Some might say that writing an essay is a nerve-wrecking activity but a bit boring to read. But it is not really hard to do; full interest on the essay will make it apparent for you.

For some, essay is a disaster on their academic success since writing is not their comfort zone. But thorough planning will make your essay be a success for you.

Here are the basic rules you should follow in developing an essay:

  • The first essay writing rule is that you make an outline for your topic. This would be the overview of the contents of your work. Your essay would be organized and on the right track if you do have an outline.
  • Second is to know your reader so as to have the idea of the topic you are going to write. Essay writing is not just for you to express your opinion but also for you to inform your readers about certain concerns.
  • The third rule is to know the parts of an essay: introduction, body and conclusion. Devote enough time to the attention grabbing introduction so your reader must stay in focus about your essay.
  • After writing an introduction, write the body or the content of your essay in a logical and organized way. This would let your reader know that you planned your essay very well. In that manner, the reader would not be confused about your central ideas.
  • Moreover, your supporting details should not overlap the main details. Meaning to say, your supporting details should supplement information for your central idea. If there is a need to put transition words such as: yet, furthermore, moreover and like, then do so. It would be good to use transition words so you could have a logically arranged essay.
  • Next would be your conclusion which would end your topic. End your essay with your point of view but try not to open another topic since this would be the ending part of your work. It is not like a novel or a short story that has a genre of what is so called cliffhanger. This is not a suspense event and your conclusion must be presented.
  • Lastly, improve your editing and writing style such as spelling, capitalization and punctuations. In this way, your essay would look nice and presentable. Another purpose of improving your writing style is that your reader would not be perceiving the wrong information.

Take note of the correct spelling whenever you proofread your essay. Always bear in mind to capitalize proper nouns such as name of a person, thing, event and place. Do not put a question mark on the end of your sentence when you mean description.

Now, who could say that essay writing rules are disaster for your academic success? Just be logical and optimistic enough for you to do your essay comprehensively. Have a focus on what you are doing and always remember that you can bring out the best in you.

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Web Copywriting - If You Sell Self-Improvement Products, Tell Your Story

Author: Francis Lui

Telling your personal story can be good if you're selling self-improvement products. By telling your story, your readers can relate to you more.

Often, those who create self-improvement products tend to be seen as someone superior or as a “guru.” It can be hard to relate to someone like that, and they may even be intimidating. Telling your story can be a way to solve this problem.

What kind of story should you write? A “rags to riches” story can be effective.

If you're selling a weight-loss product, you can tell your reader that you used to be grossly overweight. You tried just about everything to lose weight and was unsuccessful. And you were frustrated at the results. Then one day, you finally figured out the solution and lost a tremendous amount of weight.

Or if you're selling a product on how to make money, you could talk about how you used to be poor when you started out. You worked long hours and slaved away working at McDonald's. You studied every money making book under the sun. After a lot of trial and error, you finally figured out what works and became rich.

By telling your story, you seem more “human” and have flaws like everyone else. It also inspires your prospects to achieve the success that you achieved. Your prospects will have better rapport with you because your story shows them that you went through what they may be going through now. You also show that you understand their problems and have the solution.

About the Author:

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Francis Lui is a web copywriter with web technical skills.

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Best Practices For Writing an Online Press Release

Author: Andy Johnson

Press releases have been in existence for over 100 years now and it's amazing to think about the revolutionary changes in communication that have taken place over that time. In the Western economies the use of telephones is ubiquitous, while faxes and emails play a daily role in the life of the average business.

Some press releases are still printed off, placed in envelopes and then put into mail boxes to be hand devilered by the postman - but not many that's for sure. Most are either faxed or emailed through. Increasingly, publicists are also placing news releases onto specialist websites that then distribute them via their own channels including even the microblogging platform Twitter.

There are still many full-time employed journalists writing for regional and national newspapers as well as trade and niche journals, but their numbers are dwindling year-on-year. The era of "dead trees" journalism will never end - there will always be printed publications; but at the moment it is certainly taking a battering from the new media on the World Wide Web.

Blogging, also called citizen journalism, has become a phenomenal success and is widely undertaken by thousands if not millions of writers. Clearly, it would be a huge boon for your business or website if you can effectively reach this mass of online writers as they don't just reflect public opinion, but help shape it to.

There are a number of free press release sites in existence and to get the best out of submitting an item to these services it is best to take note of some guidelines.

The first part of any press release is, of course, the title. Here you need to make sure it is factual and to the point and preferably add your keyword(s) if you can. For those not familiar with keywords, these are what you expect people to use in search engines. For instance, if you have a shoe shop website you'll be aware that "shoe shop uk" and "shoe shop com" are common terms used by the public to find information.

The actual style of the title must be dull and factual - "Google prefers this boring headline on Tuesday November 29, 2009". Don't create abstract headlines because you think it will stand out from the crowd. It won't. People are looking for facts. Try these formats:

[Product] will be launched by [company name] on [date]

On [date] [company name] will launch the new [product] to [short description of product in a few words]

The headline is the most important part of an online press release because that is often all the reader will see as they scan down a page. If you can suck a reader into your item just through the headline alone then you have jumped the first hurdle.

The second most important part of an online press release is the summary. Usually no more than 300 characters this should repeat the information as laid out in the title but padded out with more detail.

After the title the summary is the next item that the reader will see and often as part of a long list of other press release titles and summaries all vying for attention. The main body of text itself shouldn't be no more than three or four paragraphs simply because 79 percent of internet users scan rather than read the content on a page. So the less text the better. Keep all information to the minimum.

Finally, always add contact information which mainly means a contact name, email, website and phone number but also a postal address too. People tend to fell more comfortable with an actual postal address instead of just email details.

So hopefully this will give you a starting point to think about how to layout a press release for the free press release distribution sites on the World Wide Web.

You may not necessary write the perfect press release the first time at trying if you are new to the publicity game, but once you've written a few you'll find that the correct formula is straight forward and you'll be sending them here, there and everywhere for every event and news story.

About the Author:

Andy Johnson is an editor at Free Press Release 001.

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Creative Copy - Its Like Selling A Unique Business Proposition

Author: Creative Copy

Creative copywriting is very similar to a sales process in a business scenario -

  • You identify a unique need in your niche market;
  • You find a way to fill that need;
  • You differentiate your way of filling that need (make it unique);
  • You set a price for your unique proposition, and promote it in a compelling way to entice your audience;
  • You add a benefit to further compel the buyer to make a buying decision.

When you draft the original copy for a web project, keeping the above scenario in mind, it would behoove you to follow the five P's of Web Copywriting in mind.

A brief explanatiion for each of the five P's of Web Copywriting is provided below -

  1. Problem – The task of convincing someone of a need includes helping the buyer realize that there is a dilemma that must be addressed. This dilemma or problem helps create a sense of urgency, necessitating action to resolve the issue at hand. Your copy needs to present this problem, so you can begin the process of convincing the buyer that you can fill their need, or solve their problem.
  2. Promise – You promise the buyer that the subject matter of your copy, essentially your sales pitch is going to make it all good for them. For example, if you presented the problem of a leaky faucet, you now promise that your solution will fix the problem.
  3. Proof – Demonstrate your unique proposition, so you can put your money where your mouth is. In order words, you will present the features - how your solution works to resolve the issue. And you will differentiate it - why your solution works better than any other. Your objective is to make your solution irresistible to the buyer.
  4. Price – Pricing is key to any business proposition. Not only do you have to make your solution shine brighter than that of the competition, but you also have to sell your proposition in a way that the buyer is convinced they are doing themselves a favor by investing in your solution. This is the icing to the cake - conveying that your your solution is worth every penny of its cost, even if the cost appears somewhat higher than other similar, albeit inferior solutions offered by the competition.
  5. P.S. – This is where you add a little decoration on the icing - an added benefit that complements your solution. For example, you may note that your product not only fixes a leaky faucet, but will also do a great job on that leaky shower head or that leaky gutter. This is where you nudge the undecided buyer who is on the fence, to go ahead and make that leap.

This intuitive formula has worked in practically any type of business scenario. And if you incorporate it in your copywriting efforts, you just might be pleasantly surprised as you go about creating captivating copy, which, in turn, could create cash for you.

Here's to your creative copywriting success!

Creative Copy - Creating Your Success Online.

About the Author:

Creative writing has been my passion for years now, and has only intensified lately, due to the countless opportunities to showcase creative skills on the Internet.

And with that passion comes emotion - so my emotional passion, or passionate emotion, becomes my signature when I write or create. And I write often and plentiful. I am also an amateur artist.

So I write or draw when I feel good, or when I feel down, or even when I feel nothing. I write or draw to relieve stress, I write or draw to share my thoughts, and I write or draw to get my point across.

Creative Writing is my forté. Creating Captivating Copy is my desire. Creating a creative niche to creatively convert creative online opportunities to cash is my goal.

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Writing Descriptive Essays - What You Need To Know

Author: Cedric Welsch

Describing something may be an easy thing to do that makes writing descriptive essays easy too. But writers should not be very confident that they can describe anything perfectly. Of course, there will always be considerations when it comes to writing essays, especially this one. If a writer is too sure that it is effortless to write such essay, then he/she still needs more research and practice. The objective of this essay is to make the reader visualize the scene or thing being discussed. It should awaken the reader's imagination.

It is important in writing descriptive essays to remember that any subject would do as long as the writer can give justice to it by highlighting what makes the issue interesting. Readers can be fond of anything. Take note that transforming ordinary topic into extraordinary one is a good thing to do since such topic will surely be of interest to the reader. Writer's treatment on the article is straightly connected with the reaction of the reader. To create effective essays of this kind, choice of descriptive words should be taken seriously. Providing adequate specific detail helps the reader to have a vivid picture of the topic being described. For example, if the essay is about a birthday party, the writer should not only include what he/she sees in the party. The description of the event may include the feeling of attending a certain birthday party. In that way, the reader may also feel how to be in that particular birthday party. If the writer had made the reader feels the same he/she had felt in the party, it means he/she is effective in giving descriptions. The writer should also make sure that the essay has a coherent pattern of organization of thoughts. Though the writer is only describing the subject, there should still be logic to follow. Generally, this kind of essay adopts an inverted pyramid pattern of writing. It means that it usually starts with the general idea narrowing down to the specific details and ending with the thesis statement. The body of the essay is consist of several paragraphs that develop and describe thoroughly the idea.

There are cases that people have variations when it comes to interpreting or giving meanings to words. An example of this is the word egg. Some people will think first that it is white in color or oblong in shape. Others may think of a chicken, duck or ostrich because these are animals that lay egg. To a medical personnel, it may be referred to as the egg in the reproductive system. Different meaning of a certain word depends on the group of people who uses it. From the example, egg in the medical jargon is related to the development of the human baby.

Writing descriptive essay may not be as hard as any other available essay. If an individual has the ability to make anything interesting to describe and write, then he/she can compose an essay describing that thing. Just don't forget to choose words that suits best the essay because it might have another meaning when used in another context.

About the Author:

Whether it be college essays, business papers, research papers, term papers, etc.. Even writing persuasive essay, descriptive essays or any of those kinds shouldn't be a problem for you anymore.

Cedric Welsch is a professional writer who writes on a wide range of topics. He offers professional essay writing service.

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Digital Publishing Solutions Aid Content Transformation

Author: ajax

Today there is a growing need for content transformation as published content is increasingly republished on the Internet. Content transformation services are now widely available to transform content into formats for multiple channels like web, mobile, video and print media. The services use digital publishing solutions that focus on specific content formats suitable to each medium. As a result, a common desktop document can be converted into rich media through standardized transformation processes enabling organizations to reach wider markets on the web.

Some of the important areas where digital publishing solutions are effectively utilized are:

eBook Creation

EBook solutions like creation for legacy portfolios and digital book publishing can be effectively created using content transformation services. They offer fast publishing tools along with collaboration between content professionals, experts and reviewers for creation of web-ready rich contents.

Digital Imaging

Publishers, libraries, academic institutions, government agencies and major corporations are some segments of users who benefit from converting legacy content into flexible digital formats. They provide latest technology in scanning, digital imaging and XML code conversion.

Rapid Data Conversion

Digital solutions provide rapid data conversion to various e-formats like eBooks, XML/HTML, websites, course packs and CDs from various input formats like hard copies and application files. They help transform static print content into digitized and customizable databases.

OCR Capture

Digital solution for OCR capture provides special expertise in handling rare, high-value text and image content. They capture screen text, error messages, journal titles, article window dialogues and text with the help of advanced scanning and imaging solutions.

Journal Publishing

Journal publishing solutions help meet the constant pressure to publish more, faster and cheaper. They include editorial, composition and conversion services and help accelerate readership growth for the clients

Digital publishing solutions that are used in each of these areas help increase market share by accelerating readership base for the clients. Above all organizations are able to realize high cost savings and faster time to publish with these services.

About the Author:

OCR Capture

Journal Publishing

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