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Digital Publishing Solutions Aid Content Transformation

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Today there is a growing need for content transformation as published content is increasingly republished on the Internet. Content transformation services are now widely available to transform content into formats for multiple channels like web, mobile, video and print media. The services use digital publishing solutions that focus on specific content formats suitable to each medium. As a result, a common desktop document can be converted into rich media through standardized transformation processes enabling organizations to reach wider markets on the web.

Some of the important areas where digital publishing solutions are effectively utilized are:

eBook Creation

EBook solutions like creation for legacy portfolios and digital book publishing can be effectively created using content transformation services. They offer fast publishing tools along with collaboration between content professionals, experts and reviewers for creation of web-ready rich contents.

Digital Imaging

Publishers, libraries, academic institutions, government agencies and major corporations are some segments of users who benefit from converting legacy content into flexible digital formats. They provide latest technology in scanning, digital imaging and XML code conversion.

Rapid Data Conversion

Digital solutions provide rapid data conversion to various e-formats like eBooks, XML/HTML, websites, course packs and CDs from various input formats like hard copies and application files. They help transform static print content into digitized and customizable databases.

OCR Capture

Digital solution for OCR capture provides special expertise in handling rare, high-value text and image content. They capture screen text, error messages, journal titles, article window dialogues and text with the help of advanced scanning and imaging solutions.

Journal Publishing

Journal publishing solutions help meet the constant pressure to publish more, faster and cheaper. They include editorial, composition and conversion services and help accelerate readership growth for the clients

Digital publishing solutions that are used in each of these areas help increase market share by accelerating readership base for the clients. Above all organizations are able to realize high cost savings and faster time to publish with these services.

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