Friday, June 5, 2009

Web Copywriting - If You Sell Self-Improvement Products, Tell Your Story

Author: Francis Lui

Telling your personal story can be good if you're selling self-improvement products. By telling your story, your readers can relate to you more.

Often, those who create self-improvement products tend to be seen as someone superior or as a “guru.” It can be hard to relate to someone like that, and they may even be intimidating. Telling your story can be a way to solve this problem.

What kind of story should you write? A “rags to riches” story can be effective.

If you're selling a weight-loss product, you can tell your reader that you used to be grossly overweight. You tried just about everything to lose weight and was unsuccessful. And you were frustrated at the results. Then one day, you finally figured out the solution and lost a tremendous amount of weight.

Or if you're selling a product on how to make money, you could talk about how you used to be poor when you started out. You worked long hours and slaved away working at McDonald's. You studied every money making book under the sun. After a lot of trial and error, you finally figured out what works and became rich.

By telling your story, you seem more “human” and have flaws like everyone else. It also inspires your prospects to achieve the success that you achieved. Your prospects will have better rapport with you because your story shows them that you went through what they may be going through now. You also show that you understand their problems and have the solution.

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