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Creative Copy - Its Like Selling A Unique Business Proposition

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Creative copywriting is very similar to a sales process in a business scenario -

  • You identify a unique need in your niche market;
  • You find a way to fill that need;
  • You differentiate your way of filling that need (make it unique);
  • You set a price for your unique proposition, and promote it in a compelling way to entice your audience;
  • You add a benefit to further compel the buyer to make a buying decision.

When you draft the original copy for a web project, keeping the above scenario in mind, it would behoove you to follow the five P's of Web Copywriting in mind.

A brief explanatiion for each of the five P's of Web Copywriting is provided below -

  1. Problem – The task of convincing someone of a need includes helping the buyer realize that there is a dilemma that must be addressed. This dilemma or problem helps create a sense of urgency, necessitating action to resolve the issue at hand. Your copy needs to present this problem, so you can begin the process of convincing the buyer that you can fill their need, or solve their problem.
  2. Promise – You promise the buyer that the subject matter of your copy, essentially your sales pitch is going to make it all good for them. For example, if you presented the problem of a leaky faucet, you now promise that your solution will fix the problem.
  3. Proof – Demonstrate your unique proposition, so you can put your money where your mouth is. In order words, you will present the features - how your solution works to resolve the issue. And you will differentiate it - why your solution works better than any other. Your objective is to make your solution irresistible to the buyer.
  4. Price – Pricing is key to any business proposition. Not only do you have to make your solution shine brighter than that of the competition, but you also have to sell your proposition in a way that the buyer is convinced they are doing themselves a favor by investing in your solution. This is the icing to the cake - conveying that your your solution is worth every penny of its cost, even if the cost appears somewhat higher than other similar, albeit inferior solutions offered by the competition.
  5. P.S. – This is where you add a little decoration on the icing - an added benefit that complements your solution. For example, you may note that your product not only fixes a leaky faucet, but will also do a great job on that leaky shower head or that leaky gutter. This is where you nudge the undecided buyer who is on the fence, to go ahead and make that leap.

This intuitive formula has worked in practically any type of business scenario. And if you incorporate it in your copywriting efforts, you just might be pleasantly surprised as you go about creating captivating copy, which, in turn, could create cash for you.

Here's to your creative copywriting success!

Creative Copy - Creating Your Success Online.

About the Author:

Creative writing has been my passion for years now, and has only intensified lately, due to the countless opportunities to showcase creative skills on the Internet.

And with that passion comes emotion - so my emotional passion, or passionate emotion, becomes my signature when I write or create. And I write often and plentiful. I am also an amateur artist.

So I write or draw when I feel good, or when I feel down, or even when I feel nothing. I write or draw to relieve stress, I write or draw to share my thoughts, and I write or draw to get my point across.

Creative Writing is my forté. Creating Captivating Copy is my desire. Creating a creative niche to creatively convert creative online opportunities to cash is my goal.

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